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DeepX, Inc. (“DeepX”, “we”, “us” or “our”) is firmly determined to make efforts for the purpose of protecting personal information of job applicant (“you” or “your”) in compliance with our treatment policy below (“Policy”) and privacy policy. Before applying for a position, carefully read and agree to our Policy and our privacy policy. Please refrain from applying if you cannot agree to these terms. Please note that English sentences are an unofficial translation and was prepared for reference purpose only. The original release is in Japanese.

Article 1. (Usage Objectives for Personal Information)

We will use your personal information provided to us only for the following objectives.

To notify you, or to use for employment screening, process for employment, personnel management or human resource management

Article 2. (Handling of documents and electronic data)

Please note that the submission documents will not be returned. We’ll appropriately manage, and, at the appropriate time, dispose or delete the submission documents or electronic data. You may request us to dispose or delete your documents or electronic data in accordance with laws and regulations, and/or our privacy policy.

Article 3. (Exclusion from Application)

If we judge that your application is not intended to apply for a job (e.g. inquiry for commercial purpose), this Policy will not apply to your application. In such case, your personal information will be treated in accordance with our privacy policy.

Article 4. (Insufficient Description)

If you don’t provide us with your personal information designated by us, you cannot apply for roles at DeepX.

Article 5. (Inquiry)

Please contact below for your application.

DeepX Recruitment Team

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