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Our Values

  • Genba

    The value we create ultimately reaches the field.
    To understand what one should do to contribute value, it's essential to know the field and understand the value chain leading up to it.
    Within this chain, it's crucial to always be aware of what needs to be delivered between adjacent individuals or groups.

  • Optimism

    The state of one's inner self not only affects individual performance but also has a significant impact on others.
    Our endeavors often come with challenges, and there will be failures. However, by maintaining a positive attitude, we can turn failures into learning experiences.
    Each individual's positive demeanor brings significant confidence and dynamism to the team.

  • Ownership

    Every job comes with its set of responsibilities. You must fulfill your designated duties diligently.
    Sometimes, unforeseen tasks or troubleshooting may arise. In such times, it's vital to have people who take the initiative and act proactively. This requires a sense of ownership.
    Being conscious of the team or organization you belong to, and recognizing what everyone can contribute to achieve higher goals, adds strength to the organization.

  • Transparency

    Transparency means always being open and honest about one's work and expectations of others and willingly accepting feedback on the results.
    To ensure transparency, it requires significant efforts such as clarifying the 5W1H (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How) of tasks, organizing and disclosing one's information, and acknowledging failures.
    By doing so, the team can make informed decisions based on facts and quickly recover when failures occur.

How we work

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