DeepX raises $15M

  • 2020.07.31

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July 31, 2020
DeepX, Inc.

DeepX raises $15M to accelerate machine automation business
~Aiming to automate any kind of machine by leveraging cutting-edge technologies~

DeepX, Inc. (Head office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Kaoru Nasuno, hereinafter “DeepX”) announced that the company has raised a total of $15 million in capital through the third-party share issuance to be underwritten by Mirai Creation Fund II (managed by SPARX Group Co., Ltd.), Fujita Corporation, a fund managed by SBI Investment Co., Ltd. and Industrial Growth Platform, Inc.


■ Purpose of the fundraising
Since its establishment in April 2016, DeepX has been driving the development of general-purpose AI technologies for the automation of various machinery and field operations in a wide range of industries. The raised funds will be used to invest primarily in engineering and computational resources to accelerate the commercialization of construction equipment automation, in-factory work automation, and the provision of automation modules. In particular, we will pursue a robustness, transferability, explainability and sample efficiency in recognition and control technologies for the real world.


■ Comments from Investors
◆Shuhei Abe, President, Group CEO of SPARX Group Co., Ltd.
While many start-ups use AI technology, few advocate the automation of machinery and hardware at production sites as DeepX does, and we have great expectations for its business to contribute further to the growth of “Monodzukuri” (manufacturing industries), which is one of Japan’s fundamental strengths. We will support DeepX with the knowledge and experience that we have gained to date through our investments in a number of companies.


◆ Yoji Okumura, President CEO of Fujita Corporation
Since 2017, together with DeepX, we have been conducting research and development for the automation of excavators using deep learning by utilizing our remote-controlled robot, Robo QS*. With this investment, we hope to further deepen our collaboration and accelerate our technological development with DeepX, so that we can work together to tackle issues such as solving labor shortages and improving productivity and safety at construction sites.


◆ Katsuya Kawashima, Representative Director and President of SBI Investment Co., Ltd.
DeepX owns technology which combines deep learning and machine control that can automate complex movements. Previously, this could not be realized by utilizing conventional machine learning. This automation technology has the potential to be a new application of AI for heavy machinery and food-processing equipment. In addition, the spread of COVID-19 means that all industries are becoming more contactless and digital transformation is accelerating. Therefore, we expect demand for DeepX’s automation technology to grow.


◆ Takayoshi Kawakami, Partner of Industrial Growth Platform, Inc.(IGPI)
CEO, Nasuno, and the management team have overcome challenging problems one by one through fully utilizing deep learning and machine control technology in the field. We strongly believe in their potential to apply their ability and their energy to developing technology in the field. IGPI has been, and will continue to be, fully committed and behind DeepX in realizing its goal of “Automating any machine”.


■ Recruitment Information
To achieve our mission of “Automating Any Machine and Innovating Global Industries”, at present, we are aggressively recruiting a wide range of professionals such as engineers, project managers, business development managers and recruitment specialists. If you feel that your career goals align with our mission and that you are willing to take on the challenge of automating any kind of machine and applying AI technology to the real world, then please do not hesitate to apply using the link below.

[Recruitment information page]


■ About DeepX, Inc.
DeepX is an AI startup which has its roots in the Matsuo Laboratory at the University of Tokyo with the mission of “Automating Any Machine and Innovating Global Industries”. By automating any kind of machine and promoting automation of a wide range of manual work using various technologies including AI, DeepX aims to solve problems such as labor and skilled worker shortages as well as excessive staff workloads, which are significant challenges to many industries.

Address             : Mikura Bldg. No. 1 3F, 3-21-4, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034
Established      : April 22nd, 2016
Representative: Kaoru Nasuno, Chief Executive Officer
Business           : Support for automation of machinery and field operations, business development using AI technology, software development, and R&D
URL                   :


■ Inquiries on this topic

* Co-development by Fujita Corporation with the Kyushu Technical Office of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and IHI Corporation

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