• Oriental Shiraishi Corporation

    Autonomous Caisson Excavator

    Development and Demonstration of Autonomous Caisson Excavators

    DeepX has developed and demonstrated a construction machinery automation system that can automate multiple pieces of construction machinery simultaneously in pneumatic caisson construction.

  • Fujita Corporation

    Autonomous Excavator

    On-site Demonstration of Continuous Autonomous Operation of Excavators

    DeepX has developed an autonomous operation system for hydraulic excavators. In April 2023, in collaboration with Fujita Corporation, DeepX successfully demonstrated the autonomous operation of a continuous cycle of excavation and dump loading as a single operation at a construction site.

  • Tadano, Ltd.

    Crane Automation

    Developing Sway-Free Crane Automation Technology

    In 2022, DeepX, in collaboration with Tadano Ltd., developed and announced a crane automation technology that carries out a three-axis lifting operation, which uses rotation, boom movement, and winching simultaneously, while keeping the load sway to a minimum.

  • Oriental Shiraishi Corporation

    Real-Time 3D Visualization

    On-site Demonstration of a Real-Time 3D Visualization System with Digital Twins

    DeepX has developed a system called 'GeoViz', which visualizes the site in real-time three dimensions in a digital twin format. In 2022, together with Oriental Shiraishi Corporation, DeepX demonstrated this system at a site using the pneumatic caisson method.

  • Fujita Corporation

    Excavator Automation

    Automated Operation of Hydraulic Shovels – A Solution to the Shortage of Operators

    To automate various civil engineering works at construction sites, we collaborate with Fujita Co., Ltd. a major general constructor. We aim to automate the operations of a hydraulic excavator, which is a general-purpose heavy machine. The automation of the excavation work with a hydraulic excavator has been realised by utilising the image recognition technology with the state-of-the-art Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning technology.


Our mission is “Automating Any Machine and Innovating Global Industries”.

Japan’s structural demographic challenges of an aging and declining population are seriously impacting various industries. Globally, software technologies, such as robotics and artificial intelligence, have dramatically progressed and are tackling a wide range of challenges and are expected to drive more innovation.Japan, with manufacturing as a core competence, possesses hardware makers across a wide range of industries. Globally, in the coming years, numerous countries with similar demographic issues will face the same challenges. DeepX is therefore firmly committed to leveraging and combining Japan’s unique hardware competence with software technologies; firstly, to realize technology that automates any machine; secondly, to solve Japan’s critical problems; and thirdly, to further tackle these issues globally.

We are convinced that accomplishing our mission will socially and economically transform and revolutionize not only Japan but also the world.

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