• Engineer

Zeyan Oo

I graduated Electrical Engineering from Thammasat University, Thailand. During the final year, I got a chance to do my final year project in Machine Learning as an exchange student in Japan.
With my new enthusiasm in Deep Learning / Machine Learning, I decided to continue my master’s and Ph.D. in Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan.
My main research is on Fairfield Automatic Speech Recognition and Speaker Recognition. During my Ph.D., I went to Tianjin University in China as visiting researcher to collaborate in research on Deep Neural Network, De-Reverberation and other Speech Processing fields.
After Graduation, I joined a A.I start-up based in Tokyo for 3 years. During that time I took part and lead several A.I and Computer Vision related projects such Human Behavior Recognition, 3-D Pose estimation, Object Detection, and Edge-AI. I joined DeepX in November 2022.


I believe Artificial Intelligence is the future and our next technological revolution. A.I is the most natural evolution of automation. With the help of A.I, machine can take broad rules outlined by humans and determine its own pathways to better automation.
DeepX mission on automation machines using A.I intrigue me as many countries are facing declining birth rate and labor shortages, I am proud to be part of DeepX team to solve important real-world problem using A.I because there is some sense of satisfaction in knowing what we are doing can help people improve their live one day.



  • I am interested Catching up with latest devolvement in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Technologies and moreover I am also interested in developing and deploying Computer Vision system.


  • I took up snowboarding 9 years ago when I came to Japan. I used to live in Niigata prefecture which is one of the snowiest places in Japan and I fell in love with this sport since the first time I tried it. I used to go snowboarding every weekend before, After I move to Tokyo, number of times I go snowboarding decrease however I still try to board as much as possible.

  • I like to take road trips to countryside and mountainous area. Taking a long drive relaxes me, especially driving in mountainous winding road. I believe driving a car to travel allow us to experience more freedom and see many more interesting things . I especially ike to travel to Hokuriku, Koshin-etsu and Tohoku Regions.

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