• Director

Yuki Akaba

After graduating from the University of Tokyo with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Yuki joined a major auditing firm, where he worked on accounting audits and internal control audits. After that, he worked at a management consulting firm, where he developed new businesses for the information media, infrastructure, and human resources industries, supported the development and implementation of mid- to long-term strategies, and worked at an Internet service company, where he provided corporate sales and marketing support, and he joined DeepX in 2020.


When I was in my third year of university and finally came into contact with current news, I still remember the repeated reports of “China surpassing Japan’s GDP”. More than ten years have passed since then, and the gap between Japan and the U.S. has grown to about four times, and between Japan and China about three times.

Naturally, economic indicators are not everything, but I believe that making sales and generating high profits in a large market means meeting large latent demand and providing high added value, which in turn leads to contributions to society.

Today, it is difficult for Japan to compete with the rest of the world in the software field alone, but in the area of AI and machines, Japan, with its strength in manufacturing, can make a significant contribution to the world in the future, and I believe that DeepX can achieve just that. If you agree with our ambitions, let’s aim for the world together.



  • Significant contribution to society
  • Building a strong organization to realize above (high level of skills and penetration of the "ism")


  • My love of sake led me to start taking an interest in sake vessels when I started working, and I have been adding to my collection at the rate of one every year. I am especially attracted to Iga ware, Oribe ware, and Shino ware. It is my habit to choose a sake cup and bottle depending on my mood on weekends for drinking.

  • Whenever I need to think or refresh myself, I go to the Miura Peninsula by myself. I really like the sequence of events: driving leisurely, eating sushi, soaking in a hot spring with a view of the sea, taking a walk along the seaside, and coming back home.

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