• Engineer

Wassim Kassem

A physics graduate from the American University of Beirut where I obtained my bachelors and my masters along with a minor in computational sciences. I travelled to Paris, France where I received my PhD studying the coupling of strain and thermal conduction in piezoelectric crystals. I then did two Postdocrotoral stays at CEA Saclay and INSA Lyon. During which time I focused on using simulations to understand mechnical, thermal, and chemical properties of solids and how they can couple together. I also taught Physics at several universities and schools in France abd in Lebanon.


Science has been a major part of my life both from a career perspective and from a personal one. No other human product has had such a drastic and precipitous impact on our lives and societies. I believe in its transformative power and its ability to improve ourselves and our environment. I have also been fascinated with computers and all that we have been able to achieve thanks to them. I was lucky enough to be able to combine these two passions at university, and I am luckier still to have found companies like DeepX that share the same views. Coming to Japan has been a life-long dream of mine, and I hope to make this beautiful and rich country my home.



  • Simulation of soils, machines, sensors, and their interactions.
  • Machine learning and physics simulations


  • Puzzles, riddles, philosophy, and history are some of the many subjects that fascinate me. The debate between science and religion and our struggle as a race to become more than basic instincts. I am also interested in how chaotic and emergent systems form. I was hooked on this after taking a course on non-linear dynamics in college.

  • I started practicing aikido when I was in Lyon and needed a group physical activity. I was fascinated by its focus on the spirit as well as the body. I was hooked when I read the history of O'Sensei and how the martial art came to be. When I moved back to Beirut I was surprised to see that the sport had reached that far. Aikido helps me forget about my troubles and it realigns my view. It helps me work on flexibility, endurance, self-defense, and meditation. I also enjoy swimming and basketball.

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