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Talha Erbilli

I graduated from The Hague University of Applied sciences in October of 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. During my studies I have done many interesting projects and didn’t mind taking longer to finish my study as long as I could be part of something interesting. Therefore I have done various projects; from a robotics teacher for younger students to developing hardware for the factory automation of airplane manufacturing to doing student projects and internships in the north of Japan in Morioka, Iwate and in Tokyo. I learned many hardware prototyping and mechanical engineering skills during my student years and have recently taken an interest in developing my software skills to broaden my knowledge as a robot engineer. Now I am responsible as a field engineer, in this position I will be the middle-man between the hardware and software. I think this is a perfect opportunity to garner more knowledge and experience and apply what I have learned until now!


Automating anything is a very complex and inherently difficult task. Everyone has different reasons to wake up every single day, and keep grinding on various difficult problems or tasks until they solve them.
I think that there is a simplicity and beauty in chasing the difficult and just-out-of-reach goals. It provides mankind with the drive which has pushed us this far and will push us further into the future.



  • Implementation of software, testing and collecting data for development
  • Learning ROS
  • Learning Python
  • Working with the Hardware team to improve development


  • I really enjoy competitive sports. I have always competed in something ever since I was young.
    Currently (and for the last 5-6 years) my biggest passion has been Powerlifting. This is a sport in which we simply train and dedicate ourselves to just lifting heavier and heavier weights. It is not as much about winning from other people as much as it is about finding better ways to optimize training and getting stronger than your past self. The best feeling there is, most definitely is the feeling of setting a new big personal record at a competition.

  • One more thing I recently have become quite fascinated by is the world of specialty coffee and tea. I have made friends with the owner of a local coffee roastery in The Netherlands close to my parent’s home. From the various origins of the beans and specific roasts and pouring techniques. I fell in love with it all.
    I really enjoy the trial and error of learning how to hone a brewing method for each bean, the best of it all is sharing the coffee but also the knowledge with friends and family!

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