• Engineer

Robyn Snook

I am originally from Ontario, Canada, where I graduated from Brock University with a Honours of Accountancy degree. After a decade working in Financial Accounting within the Canadian Healthcare System, I was ready for a career change. In 2022, I moved to Japan and retrained as a Software Engineer.
My growing interest in Site Reliability and DevOps led me to develop skills in these areas. In November 2023, I joined DeepX in as a DevOps engineer and I am excited to ‘deploy’ my skills.


Life is too short to not take chances.



  • Solving unique and complex problems
  • Designing systems for testing and deployment
  • Automation of manual tasks (reducing engineering toil)


  • I enjoy hiking and being close to nature. Nothing clears the cobwebs of the brain like fresh air and nearly falling off a cliff.

  • I like playing old analog pinball games and have collected a few machines from the early 1980s. In addition, I'm a big movie watcher and try to see as many films as I can

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