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I graduated in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). After graduation, out of curiosity for AI I joined a Traning program on Machine Learning and Deep Learning, arranged by my previous company and I came to Japan to work as an AI engineer for my previous company on 2018. By june of 2020, I completed two Nanodegrees namely “Deep Learning Nanodegree” and “Computer Vision Nanodegree” form Udacity, Inc. to enhance my skillset as an AI engineer. Since Fall of 2020 I have been attending an Online Computer Science Master program at the University of Texas at Austin. During my work at my previous company, during completing the nanodegrees and during doing several courses at the oneline Master program I have done quite a few projects relating to Machine Learning, Deep leanring and Computer Vision. On February of 2022, I joined DeepX as Perception Engineer to contribute to Computer Vision tasks at different projects of DeepX.


I think an important milestone for AI is to bring general automation in different arenas of our life including industry, healthcare and business operations. DeepX’s mission of “Automating Any Machines and Innovating Global Industries” resontates strongly with my optimism about Automation and impact of AI on it. I think introduction of AI in different arenas of our life can set preople free from repettive, boring and dengerous works and may enable them to engage in more creative, safe and joyful profession. Beside, it will contribute to solving lack of human labour and skilled labour in many countries specially in Japan.



  • Applying Classical CV Algorithms, Learning based CV Algorithms (both machine learning and Deep Learning based) to solve 2d and 3d perception problems in automation projects.


  • In my leisure and vacation, I like to travel in and outside Tokyo and visit important cultual and scenic spots of Japan. Till now I have travelled to Kawaguchiko, Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe), Sapporo, Toyama, Ibaraki and Hiroshima prefecture. Among them kawaguchiko and Kansai region is my favourite.

  • I am also an hobbyist photographer. I like to bring my camera and lenses whenever I visit some scenic spot and try to take beautiful images of people and nature.

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