Nicholas Mario Wardhana

  • Engineer

Nicholas Mario Wardhana

I obtained my Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia, and my PhD degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. My main interest is in Computer Graphics (CG), and my past experience has given me opportunity to work in its various aspects, including geometric computing, rendering, solid modeling, and architectural design in Singapore, United Kingdom, Estonia, and finally Japan.


There are two primary points that attracted me to DeepX. The first point is the utilization of Computer Graphics (CG) techniques as part of Artificial Intelligence (AI) framework towards machine automation. I have worked at the interface of CG and AI in the past, although mostly using AI techniques in CG applications. DeepX uses the inverse workflow in an industrial setting, which is a new and interesting challenge. Secondly, DeepX members are diverse and international. I believe this is a strength in itself, as the company embraces different viewpoints and ways of thought. I look forward to contributing to DeepX both as an Engineer and a community member.



  • I am interested in various aspects of Computer Graphics, such as geometric computing and rendering, and how it influences/is influenced by Artificial Intelligence, including machine learning and motion planning. In the future, as I improve my Japanese, I look forward to also doing project management and technical liaison with the clients.


  • I started late, but when I was at university, I became fascinated with music. I sing, and play guitar and bass guitar in choirs and bands. I also listen to different kinds of music, from choral music to heavy metal, and like going to concerts. My favourite Japanese musicians are Utada Hikaru, Onmyouza, X Japan, Kiroro, and Momoe Yamaguchi. I went to a Kiroro concert in Hyogo-ken back in 2016, and while the concert may have been like any other concert, how I got the ticket and went to the concert venue was a journey in itself. It was absolutely worth it!

  • Before the pandemic started, I liked to travel to different cities and countries. When travelling, I like to visit the historical landmarks of the place, and try local delicacies, from the Vietnamese banh mi to the Portuguese port wine. Here is a photo of me cycling to the village of St. Nicholas in Wales, United Kingdom. I also came to Japan as a tourist in 2016, mainly to the Kansai region. So far I have visited 15 countries, and hope to visit more once the pandemic ends.

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