Neverov Dmitry

  • Executive officer

Neverov Dmitry

After obtaining masters degree in theoretical physics from the university of Saint-Petersburg in Russia, I came to Japan in 2016 with a MEXT scholarship to continue my studies in experimental particle physics at Nagoya University. I have joined DeepX in 2020 as a physics engineer following a summer internship and eventually became the head of Core Technology department in 2022.


Automation has always been one of the big drives of economies and civilizational development. In recent years we have seen a surge of machine learning solutions and public recognition of AI as the technology that will change the world.
I believe that we are on path to a future in which people no longer have to work to sustain themselves, but instead can choose to work for personal fulfillment and growth, brining more value to society.
At DeepX we have a lot of bright and talented people who can bring that future a little bit closer by providing solutions to real problems in Japan and the world. I am proud to lead the teams that provide core technologies for DeepX solutions and take on the challenges that lie on the path of turning theoretical knowledge into practical applications.



  • Simulations of machines, systems and processes
  • Machine-human collaboration
  • Societal aspects of AI applications


  • I cook for my family almost every day and find great joy in sharing a delicious meal.

  • Couple of years ago I started to play drums and have a lot of fun practicing and learning new patterns.