Mattia Bonicelli

  • Engineer

Mattia Bonicelli

I am an engineer with a background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Computer Science.

I moved to Tokyo in 2016 to pursue higher education and to experience a different culture and way of life.

After an year spent in a language school I have enrolled in a local university. During the last year I have also joined a coding boot camp focused on web development to focus on more practical and hands-on devlopment practices so that I could have a strong understanding of the principles governing both hardware and software.

While still in university I started working part time working on autonomous robots’ self-driving capabilities and after graduating in 2022 I decided to join DeepX as a robotics engineer.


It is us who shape the society of tomorrow.



  • Automation and robotics being the obvious ones, I find optimizing things whether they are algorithms or business processes an interesting challenge. 
  • The human aspect is just as fascinating as the robotics one.


  • I have been passionate about videogames since I was little, and enjoyed all genres of them from RPG to FPS. It was in part to videogames that I had originally been exposed to japanese culture, something that would serve as the seeds of curiosity that brought me to this side of the ocean.

    During my more carefree days I went as far as achieving World First in a then somewhat popular MMORPG called Wildstar, I still look back at it as the pinnacle of my gaming achievements.

    I don't really have much time to play games anymore, but I still enjoy following the industry and seeing how it grows and the trends it develops. There is some cross-talk with software engineering in general, so I use this as an excuse to keep up to date!

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