• Engineer

Killian Dally

I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in 2019 from Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands, at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. This gave me the opportunity work on several hands-on projects, such as a sounding rocket program at ESA and a technology transfer project at CERN. In 2018, I first came to Japan as a scholarship exchange student at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, where I joined the Yamaguchi-Takada laboratory. I widened the scope of my studies with courses in data analysis and intensive Japanese language lessons. Back in Delft for graduate school, I specialized in Control & Simulations. I developed a fault-tolerant SAC deep-reinforcement learning flight controller for the faculty’s business jet aircraft. This helped me understand the yet untapped capability of AI to improve flight safety and to more generally tackle the full automation challenge. I graduated from the Master’s degree in summer 2021 after conducting a remote internship at DeepX, and successively started to work there remotely as a Control Engineer. I finally moved to Japan in March 2022 and now assume the position of Control Section Head.


DeepX’s mission “to automate any machine” is bold and simple. With the agricultural revolution, humans spent less time hunting and more time developing specialized skills. The rising power of AI will help us spawn a new revolution, where humans can truly spend time on doing what they like, and less time on repetitive, demeaning, and dangerous tasks. I joined DeepX to be at the forefront of this movement and make it work for all of society.



  • Adaptive control systems
  • environment-aware motion planning
  • force-feedback control
  • deep reinforcement learning


  • Hiking is my favorite sport. Mountains are not only the place with the most diverse landscapes, from thick pine forests to rocky walls, and from alpine meadows to mighty glaciers, but they are also the school of life. You have to be humble, as nature always wins. You have to be independent, carry what you need on your back and leave no trace behind. And above all, it shows you, that, one step at a time, you can cross valleys, climb peaks, and reach goals that you could not see but only imagine from where you started. From the Alps to the Himalayas, and from Yosemite to Mount Fuji, I have been baffled by the wonders of Earth, and I can't wait to explore more of Japan's mountain ranges.

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