• Engineer

Kenny Vilella

After the completion of my Bachelor’s degree in Physics, I started a Master’s degree in Geophysics at the Institut de Physique du globe de Paris followed by a PhD. The main topic of my PhD was to study the thermal evolution of the Earth’s mantle using 3D numerical simulations, analytical calculations and laboratory experiments. After the completion of my PhD in 2015, I went to Academia Sinica (Taiwan) for 4 years where I investigated the thermal state of icy satellites. During that time, I developed the idea of building a multi-scale model to estimate the long-term evolution of icy satellites. To achieve this, I went to Hokkaido University with a JSPS fellowship to establish new and innovative analytical methods.


I believe that working should be a choice and not a necessity. This however requires a society with a large degree of automation such that cities run properly without the need of workers. “Automate any machinery” is the best gift we could give to future generations.

This goal requires the development of a large range of numerical simulations, from the most complex ones to the most simple ones. Simplicity should however not be achieved by sacrificing accuracy. My wish is therefore to help deepX in building simple and accurate models of various real-world systems.



  • Building simple and complex models;
  • Model validation with practical applications
  • AI applications


  • One of my passion is to cook and bake. It allows me to relax my mind. And the best part is that you get delicious food at the end, you can even share it with your friends to spread happiness. I always enjoy to discover new dishes from all over the world and then try it at home.

  • I love watching and practicing sports, especially football. Since my arrival in Japan, I got to know new sports (baseball, sumo, etc.) and even start to practice cross-country ski. My goals now are to learn how to play baseball and attend a footbal game in Japan.