Jack M. Frampton

  • Engineer

Jack M. Frampton

I graduated from Cardiff University, School of Engineering, in 2020 with a Master of Engineering degree specialising in Mechanical Engineering. I also studied Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering at Nanyang Technological University where I specialised in Robotics and Microprocessor Systems. It was my studies in Singapore that gave me a heavy interest in all things automated by combining elements from my mechanical, electrical, and computing knowledge, which are the key ingredients of Robotics. I joined DeepX in May 2021.


I have a heavy interest in all things automated and I believe that the combination of Robotics and AI is the future. Through my work here, I can fulfill two wishes of mine: 1. Automate repetitive tasks, to ease the burden of labour and so that humans can focus on the creative side. 2. Improve the relationship between robots and humans, and their integration into different cultures, to increase our quality of life. To me, DeepX is more than just a business, it is a company that will be a deep influence in the future.



  • Systems Integration, State Machines, Automation, Control and Data Interfaces


  • I love wood whittling. Not only is it creative, but the process is irreversible - once a cut is made it is permanent and cannot be undone - I think that is beautiful. For now, I only make small sculptures and turn them into jewellery, but one day I hope to make some inspiring pieces.

  • I love to travel and explore different cultures, especially because of all the delicious food.

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