Gabriel Taillon

  • Engineer

Gabriel Taillon

I have acquired both a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s in Engineering Physics at Polytechnique Montréal. My master was focused on the analysis of the mechanical properties of hard coatings to protect turbine blades in jet engines, which is already very close to Mechanical Enginering. I came to Japan at then end of 2016 to a turbomachine design laboratory because of an interest I had for cavitation. In Waseda University, I studied cavitation erosion using tools from statistical analysis such as stochastic processes and copulas. This is a novel modelling approach that focuses on experimental impacts measured using high-speed pressure sensors. In the stochastic impact model, impact occurence in time, in space, and the impact characteristics such as their force and duration into three independent components. They can be refined and switched out independently, like mathematical modules of sort. I also acquired valuable experience in Waseda University concerning fluid dynamics, continuum mechanics, turbine design, simulation methodologies and programming in general


The objective is DeepX is to automate tasks. Be it dangerous, repetitive or long task, it can probably be done by a machine. If before computers might only be able to automate mental tasks such as long calculations, now robots might be able to dig holes, pick out defective objects on a conveyor belt, and more. The future is now, and I hope to help DeepX bring into being something useful and good.



  • API design
  • Programming in modules
  • Rigid and flexible bodies
  • Finite Elements, Discrete elements methods


  • In my spare time, I do game development in C99. I am developing an Open source, turn-based strategy game with and old-school pixel art style. The C language is very simple and encourages me to build libraries by myself. I put some limits to encourage myself to be more creative. For example I only use the NES (ファミコン) colors, as shown in this map.

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