Erik Sjoberg

  • Engineer

Erik Sjoberg

I’m originally from Seattle, WA, and studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington and Robotic Systems Development at Carnegie Mellon Univeristy. I’ve worked in inkjet print systems R&D at Hewlett-Packard and was the first engineer at the startup Ascent Robotics here in Tokyo. My deepest expertise is with applied machine learning, and I have a broad background in control, perception, and general robotics systems R&D.


The challenge of automating real-world construction equipment is interesting and I’m looking forward to having the chance to work with a variety of different projects and machinery.



  • I particularly enjoy taking advantage of the natural beauty of Japan by taking short bike trips to scenic locations. It's surprisingly easy to travel by train with a bike, and onsen baths feel great after a day in the saddle.

  • I also enjoy spending time playing video games and reading Japanese books and manga, which is a fun way to keep improving my Japanese language skills. It's hard to beat relaxing with a book on the beach in Izu for a quick weekend trip away from Tokyo!

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