Alexander Vasilyev

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Alexander Vasilyev

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Graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology(MIPT), currently enrolled in thefinal year ofPhDProgramin Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London.In myPhD project Iwas focused on development of reinforcement learning based approaches for modelling of human visual behavior.I recently joined DeepX due to its clear vision and ambitiousprojects valuable for society.I’m expected to use my expertise in physics and machine learning and contribute to the developmentof AItechnologies at DeepX.


The decline of productive population in developed countries puts a pressure on the improvement of automation of industrial activities. DeepX isanambitious and talanted team that aims to create a data driven approach of automation of various industrial machines. I joined DeepX to assist them in achieving this aspiring goal applying my expertise in machine learningand physics. I like challenging tasks that demand creative thinking and deep understanding of the subject. Trained in the field of physics I’m not intimidated by complex problems, however, in my experience, any serious project requires strong team and good environment. I believe that DeepX is a right place for this, because of its remarkable success on the market and capability to attract the workforce educated in world’s top engineering schools.



  • My main interest is to apply my skills and knowledge in real world AI applications


  • Surfing in Africa

  • swimming, badminton, gym etc