Kohei Nishimura

  • Project Manager

Kohei Nishimura

I graduated from the Department of Systems Creation, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. I was in a laboratory of financial engineering. When I was a university student, I joined DeepX as the first part-time worker and have been engaged in several projects.
After graduating from the university, I joined the company in 2018, wishing to commit myself to the business and to see DeepX solve social issues from inside.
Mainly responsible for project development and server management.


DeepX aims to “automate any machinery” to create a more affluent society.

The mission of “automate any machinery” is not what can be easily accomplished with a versatile recipe like a “silver bullet”. I believe that it is only accomplished by absorbing knowledge and technology with aspiration and continuing to work on every single essential problem in front of us.

Though the issues are highly challenging, DeepX is a group that has diverse backgrounds and can create solutions with a stubbornly honest manner.

Please come and see us.



  • Design and development of hardware configurations required for each field
  • Software development of the entire system combining state recognition and control
  • Development and management of efficient computer environments


  • Since I was a university student, I have ridden a road bike as a hobby.
    I like to climb on hills with the bike and sometimes after climbing up towering steep hills, I enjoy the view from the mountain that I have just conquered.

  • I have been playing tennis since junior high school. Though I don't practice enough to participate in tournaments, I enjoy it regularly with my friends from my school days.

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