• Back Office

Satomi Makino

My experience studying abroad sparked my interest in international affairs in the education industry. I gained practical experience focusing on international coordination work at universities, public institutions, and private companies. During my overseas assignments in the U.S. and Sweden, I was engaged in supporting national dignitaries and prominent researchers.


DeepX is one of the most international and diverse workplaces I have ever experienced. The engineers and back-office staff from various backgrounds work together flexibly, respect each other and always work positively. They inspire me every day and at the same time make me feel comfortable.
I hope that one day I can be the one to cheer up my colleagues.



  • Pursuing knowledge and skills to assist the CDO
  • How to contribute to the company in its growth


  • I have three small children and we are very lively every day. I feel more at peace at work than in my personal life...

  • I used to be interested in various things such as cooking, flower arrangement, trekking, and traveling, and spent my days being active. My dream is to travel around the world on a cruise ship after retirement.

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