• Back Office

Nobuko Kiyota

Graduated from Seikei University, Faculty of Literature. After working for a major real estate company, I joined DeepX in 2018. I am engaged in a wide range of back office operations, including human resources and labour, accounting and general affairs.


DeepX has a mission of “automate any machinery” and strives to solve the social problems.
I sympathized with that mission and joined the company as a member of the back office with the desire to contribute to our business by structuring an environment where engineers can concentrate on their work and maximize their performance.
What I do is digging up various issues, large or small in the company, thinking about the solution to deal with them, and creating new mechanisms. Every day I struggle with a sense of satisfaction and responsibility of building the foundation of the company.

If supporting engineers who are aiming high can help realise the mission, I can’t feel happier. In order to ensure that all employees can concentrate on their work with peace of mind, I will continue to deepen my learning as a person responsible for the back office.



  • Creating an environment where employees can concentrate on their work
  • Making time by improving efficiency of regular operations
  • Organising and improving the office environment


  • I like to travel both domestically and internationally. Especially when I visit places rich in nature, I can refresh myself.

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