Masayuki Yanagihashi

  • Project Manager

Masayuki Yanagihashi

Since graduating from graduate school and joining a major domestic electronics manufacturer, I have built a career spanning over 10 years, primarily as an engineer at leading domestic automobile companies and audit firm-affiliated consulting firms. My expertise lies in the field of mechatronics, including the development of MEMS-based gyro sensors, inkjet heads, and LiDAR, as well as in the AI system domain, focusing on data analysis systems and anomaly detection systems using machine learning technology. With a keen interest in the automation of heavy machinery, which requires a sophisticated integration of hardware and software, I joined DeepX in 2024 to pursue new challenges in this field.


Recently, I feel that I have more and more opportunities to witness the daily changes that are being made towards the realization of a sustainable society. The problem of global warming, which we knew about in our heads but never really felt, has become more concrete through things like the intense summer heat and the introduction of charges for plastic bags. In addition, due to the spread of remote work and work style reforms due to the coronavirus pandemic, people have more free time in their daily lives, allowing them to take care of nursing care, raising children, studying, hobbies, etc.

Japan is predicted to be the first country in the world to have a declining working population, and new measures are required to maintain daily convenience. At DeepX, we are transforming the production sites by automating all types of machinery. Isn’t it exciting to think that we can create a future where humans, robots, and AI coexist from the production sites and bring concrete changes to the world?!



  • System technology for automating machinery
  • Pathways to commercialize solutions for social challenges


  • I enjoy playing tennis and snowboarding. I go snowboarding in Niseko, Hokkaido, almost every year with my university friends, where we relish the powder snow and hot springs.

  • I love traveling abroad. I enjoy escaping the daily routine to see new landscapes, architecture and to gain different experiences. One of my most memorable trips was a solo journey to India. I met a sandstorm and the storm significantly delayed the overnight train. A local who couldn't speak any language help me until coming the train. Struggling to understand the announcements in Hindi, his gestures helped me make sense of the situation. After I finally got on the train, they asked for money, which explained their kindness, but it was still a valuable experience.

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