• Executive officer

Kenji Okada

Graduated from Waseda University, faculty of Law. I joined a manufacture company and was engaed in various tasks such as disclosure, consolidation accounting, cost simulation and budget in finance department.
Because sympathized with DeepX’s vision, I joined DeepX in 2020.


I can imagine that automating every machine with artificial intelligence is a very challenging idea, but the idea of taking the risk in order to improve our society and the ambition to innovate the way of production around the world are really excited, so I decided to join DeepX.
It seems that our mission is still hard to believe in general, but I strongly believe this is worth challenging. Even if you are not an engineer, DeepX is the excited place where we can establish new business model with cutting-edge technologies and DeepX is the only place where you can utilise this opportunity.
I’m happy to work here to achieve this mission with our talented engineers.



  • Understand the implementation process of Deep Learning
  • Process automation of back office operation with Python & GAS
  • Further reseach of capital policy


  • I have two children. It is hard to play with them whole day because they are full of energy and curiosity. But thanks to them, I have a very fullfilling days.

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