• Engineer

Lu Shao-An

Lu studied control system as well as custom power devices and graduated from National Chiao Tung University with a master’s degree in Electrical and Control Engineering. In his prevous job, he worked on image recognition and object detection. Also, he fiddled with deep generative models and released open souce projects on image generation. Resonating with the vision of DeepX, he joined the company on Nov. 2019.


The progress of artificial intelligence, especially maching learning and deep learning, is evolving at a unprecedent pace. However, threre are still many issues need to be conquered when it comes to real application like machine automation.

DeepX has a mission to “automate any machine using AI”.

In Japan, the labor shortage due to declining birthrate is one of the most worrisome problems. And as someone who came from Taiwan, where fertility rate ranked the lowest in the world, DeepX’s mission resonates with me a lot. I believe that we can achieve our objective, with strong will and persistency, to solve labor shortage issues through automation of any machine, and enrich the society in the future. It is going to be challenging, and I’m excited about our adventure waiting ahead.



  • Reinforcement learning in real world applications
  • Data-driven approach for automation
  • Problem-solving with critical thinking


  • Tokyo is one of the best place for someone like me who love watching professional table tennis games. You just can't get more entertained than watching top players delivering their mind games and strategies!

  • I usually take a walk around my neighthood on weekends. Go to coffee shops, bakeries, and galleries, enjoying slower paced lifestyle and exotic elements in the town.

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