DeepX demonstrates autonomous driving system for simultaneous operation of multiple construction machines at pneumatic caisson construction site

  • 2024.07.08

  • NEWS

DeepX Inc. has developed an autonomous driving system for the “Caisson Shovel” used in pneumatic caisson construction methods, tailored to the specific requirements of the construction site for Oriental Shiraishi Corporation. As a result, it has been confirmed that the soil transportation work can be automated simultaneously with multiple construction machines at the actual pneumatic caisson construction site.
Additionally, the autonomous driving system has been integrated with the real-time site visualization system (GeoViz) utilizing digital twin technology. It has been confirmed that soil transportation work with multiple caisson shovels can be automated through work instructions from the GUI screen.

Visualization by Digital Twin Technology
Autonomous Operation

The construction industry, compared to other industries, is experiencing significant aging, and the shortage of workers has already become a major issue. In recent years, there has been a strong movement across the construction industry to promote labor-saving and automation to alleviate the shortage of workers. In this context, ICT construction using digital twin technology and the autonomous driving of construction machinery are expected to lead to labor-saving, automation, and improved safety, thereby potentially mitigating and resolving major issues in the industry.
For more details about the system, please visit here.

■Future Plans
Based on the results of this demonstration experiment, the autonomous driving system will continue to be developed, aiming to complete and demonstrate the soil loading function into the earth bucket by fiscal year 2025. The real-time site visualization system using digital twin technology aims to start site operation by fiscal year 2024.

■About DeepX Inc.
DeepX is an AI startup from the Matsuo Laboratory at the University of Tokyo, with the mission of “Automating Any Machine and Innovating Global Industries.” By leveraging various technologies, including AI, we aim to address workforce shortages, a lack of skilled workers, and harsh working conditions in many industries, promoting the automation of all machines and a wide range of tasks.
– Location: 3rd Floor, Daiichi Mikura Building, 3-21-4 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
– Established: April 22, 2016
– Representative: Joji Toyama
– Main Business Activities: Supporting the automation of machinery and on-site work, business development using AI technology, software development, R&D
– URL:

■About Oriental Shiraishi Corporation
Oriental Shiraishi Corporation utilizes specialized technologies such as prestressed concrete, pneumatic caisson construction methods, and repair and reinforcement techniques to build diverse social infrastructure, including bridges, highways, railroads, and lifeline facilities, against the backdrop of the great nature, land, and future-facing cities. The construction of social infrastructure, which brings enrichment and promises safety to people’s lives, employs various technologies refined through our construction achievements and research and development. Oriental Shiraishi Corporation continues steady development under its management philosophy of “We aim to be a group that is always needed from society by making the best use of our people and technologies,” focusing on urban environment development, new infrastructure construction, existing infrastructure repair and reinforcement, and disaster countermeasures against large earthquakes and torrential rains.

■Contact Information

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