Sorawit Stapornchaisit

  • エンジニア

Sorawit Stapornchaisit

Ultimate work is making the robot work for us. Sorawit graduate from the Department of computer engineering and electrical engineering, Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology in Thailand. He processes to study information and communication processing at Tokyo Institute of Technology. With a passion to replace any work with an automation system, he joined DeepX in April 2021.


Technology and microchip were double in capability for the last 5 decades, this brings great power beyond our biological bounded brain to us. However, we are still stuck with limited utilization of such power and suffer through an aging society and fear of a smaller workforce. I am concerned about such a nightmare and concentrate to create a robot in a factory or hospital to solve the problem. The electronic and mechanical knowledge served me well in classical industries robot systems but do not answer my dream of a fully automatic system where humans are excluded.

That dream leads me to Japan to study neuron science and learn Artificial Intelligent while utilize my knowledge in robotic to create prosthetic arms and persuade Ph.D. While my path through ward Ph.D. was not easies but it tells me a limitation of a single person. That is the time I found DeepX, the company showed many talented engineers who shared my dream and have a reliable methodology to achieve it. Although I change my major 2 times. First computer engineer to robotic engineer and second robotic engineer to neuron science and Artificial Intelligent.

That was my third leaping, from research to practical robotic systems. The product of this company lights me the way to my dream. The chance to learn and train with practical robot control using Artificial Intelligent excited me to no end. I am really happy to be able to contribute to world society as part of this company.



  • Ski and Snowboard, or snow-related outside activities, because there is no snow in Thailand.
    Love playing UFO catcher and Karaoke in Japan, I still practicing.
    I love cats and will try to adopt one after moving to a regular apartment.