We Automate Any Machine
using Artificial Intelligence.

DeepX has a mission to “automate any machine using AI”.

Recent demographic statistics show that labor shortage worsened over the past few decades and this trend is expected to get worse in Japan due to declining birthrates and an aging population. 

This labor shortage is affecting a variety of industries. In particular, the impact on industries, where automation with existing technologies has been difficult, therefore still requiring manpower, is considerable. 

For example in the construction industry, issues are surfacing in the form of labor shortage (quantity) and retirement of skilled workers (quality). As a result, it is feared that it will be difficult to maintain current safety and quality standards of constructions. Subsequently, carrying out whole construction processes will become more burdensome.

In the food processing industry, there are several problems which arise due to labor shortage, one example being increasing labor costs. This can impact the business of companies in this industry quite severely.

These issues are becoming apparent not only in Japan but also around the world in various industries such as agriculture, logistics or port transport industries.

Advanced artificial intelligence technologies, including Deep Learning technology, have been attracting much attention from all over the world by bringing technological innovation to various fields.

Deep Learning technology enables to automatically create models which adaptively can compute a desired output from input data which was collected from diverse sources. This flexibility has allowed to increase the expressive powers of models which so far depended on human hard-coding skills. It is clearly a key technology to achieve automation under complex and diverse conditions which has been difficult so far. 

Recently, a great number of breakthroughs have happened particularly in the field of image recognition and behavior control.  For example, Deep Learning have surpassed humans in tasks such as face recognition or playing boardgames like Go and Shogi.

However, applying Deep Learning to machines is still remained considerably difficult due to the many remaining challenges and it is in fact an ongoing research field.  It is needless to say that high technical capabilities related to artificial intelligence are necessary in order to automate machines. In addition, not only software improvements but also improvements on the hardware-side are required (*hardware including machines). Applying deep learning to automatize machines would require many technological areas. 

Unlike software projects where the increase of computational speed has considerably reduced development time, hardware-related projects cannot benefit from this trend due to machines running in real-time. Furthermore, in order to conduct experiments with actual machines, it is necessary to go to experimental sites. The working conditions on these sites can be strenuous (e.g. considerably hot or cold weather).

The reality is that the application of advanced artificial intelligence technology to the hardware domain is still limited due to the above-mentioned factors.

We, DeepX, think that the various issues caused due to labor shortage must be solved to keep and enrich society for the future. Moreover, although it is still in ongoing research field, we strongly believe that that automation of any machines using advanced artificial intelligence technologies including Deep Learning technology is one of the most effective solutions against the labor shortage issues. Under this social and technological context, DeepX commit ourselves to realize automation of any machines by organizing a strong team with talents who have the thinking ability to identify issues, the toughness to work uncompromisingly, and high technological capabilities, which enable to utilize advanced artificial technology to actual applications.

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Our Fields

DeepX automates machine from industrial robots to heavy machinery to solve on-site problems in a wide range of industries such as construction, food processing, manufacturing, port transport, agriculture by using various technologies including advanced artificial intelligence technology.

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Our Values

  • Goal-Oriented

    DeepX has been working on automation of work and machines which have been considered as difficult to achieve with the conventional framework. There are many requirements for its realization such as improvements and innovations in both the software and hardware fields, internal and external collaboration, the continuity of learning and invention, problem design, solution design, etc. At DeepX, it's important to keep on working with a strong will to complete the mission, and to design and execute everything necessary to achieve the goal.

  • Issue-Driven

    The machine automation that DeepX is working on is an area where technological development has been carried out for decades, and where still automation has not been achieved. It means there will be very few goals that can be achieved through solutions that “seem good” or “might work”. In order to achieve our goal, it is necessary to focus only on issues that are important and that can be solved to the end. At DeepX, it is important to do our best to clearly structure and design the path to the goal, and to start solving from the issue itself.

  • Never compromise, Must complete

    The challenges that DeepX tackles require more than smart solutions. We visit the client’s site to understand the actual issues, experiment at the site regardless if it is a hot or cold day, deepen our understanding of issues, and we always maintain this cycle of trial and error. At DeepX, it is important to steadily deal with individual issues that cannot be solved smartly in a limited amount of time.

  • Learn and Adapt

    Various capabilities are required to automate the machines that DeepX is working on. We have to have a wide range of technical capabilities in both the software and hardware area, internal and external collaboration capabilities, the continuity of learning and inventing, task design capabilities, and solution design capabilities. In addition, there are many things that do not go as expected in this uncertain area, and it is vital to adapt to any possible new situations every day without sticking to particular methods or technologies. At DeepX, it is important to learn from various aspects and continue to adapt to the situation in order to realize machine automation.

  • Open-Minded

    The machine automation that DeepX is tackling is an interdisciplinary area that requires a wide range of technologies and capabilities. There are many parts that can't be handled by individuals or DeepX alone, so it is important to collaborate with others who have different areas of expertise. At DeepX, while it is important to focus on our scope and specialty, it is also essential to incorporate the opinions of others in order to accelerate development speed.

  • Challenge with a Strong Will

    You might think that the machine automation that we work on is near-impossible given the current trends and development of technologies. In fact, it is very challenging; however, we strongly believe as a company that we can achieve the seemingly impossible through iron determination. At DeepX, it is vital to keep challenging with a strong will to realize our mission of being able to “automate any machine”.

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