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Yuko Fujimori

After graduating from college I worked at a telecommunication company and was engaged in several assignments including IT, finance, project management at a global sales division and sales support, human resource and general administration management in a domestic sales division. I obtained a master degree from Manning School of business, University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2020. I have joined DeepX because I am inspired by its mission and values. I am a qualified industry counselor, anger management facilitator and anger management harassment prevention advisor.


“One of DeepX’ missions is to “automate all kinds of machinery. The mission is based on belief that automating machinery will create a better society by solving its problems. I am here with DeepX members to work with them directly and indirectly and to try new things. I will never know if I can achieve my goals unless I give them a try. I trust myself that I can achieve my goals and am excited that I am getting closer to them every day.



  • To build and improve a work environment where we can grow by working with a sound mind and body.
  • Diversity and inclusion.


  • I am interested in movement of people’s minds. I read various articles, books and literature to understand the backgrounds and factors of their words and actions that cannot be captured from my own experience.

  • I like making sweets. Unfortunately, I have not made them recently because my growing sons like filling dishes, but I am looking forward to enjoying homemade sweets over a cup of tea on weekends. In reality, on most weekends I go to dusty ballparks to watch my son’s baseball games.

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