Pierre Wüthrich

  • Engineer

Pierre Wüthrich

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from EPFL (Switzerland) in 2016 with the last year done at ETH Zürich (Switzerland).
Afterwards, I was part of the artificial organs and biosystems laboratory within the Department of Chemical System Engineering at the University of Tokyo and obtained a Masters degree.
I joined DeepX after graduation in late 2018 as a Junior Deep Learning Engineer.


I can truly say that starting my professional career at DeepX was a great choice. Being the first foreigner hired when the company size was still below ten people, I first had few concerns about joining this young company. However, there were two significant reasons which convinced me to join DeepX:

1) The people and the culture .
We are a young and ambitious team. All members are incredibly supportive, open-minded as well as hard-working. This makes DeepX a great place to thrive, grow and have fun while working.

2) The types of issues we solve and how we solve them.
Our objective is “to automate any machinery using cutting-edge artificial Intelligence”. To achieve this goal, we have to resolve problems which are real-world based and therefore extremely difficult to deal with. Consequently, we need to have a clear and interdisciplinary approach to achieve the overall objective.



  • Meta-learning
  • Robotics
  • Systems modeling
  • nowledge sharing


  • I usually spend my time discovering new parts in- and outside of Tokyo when I am not working. I especially enjoy hiking, mountain climbing and exploring little-known areas (my latest secret tip: Todoroki valley).

  • Personally, nothing is more enjoyable than a good cup of coffee. If you have good recommendations for a relaxing coffee shops around Tokyo, feel free to share it with me!

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