• Engineer

Toru Yoshida

After graduating from the University of Tokyo in the Faculty of Economics, Toru was engaged in the delivery operations at a major general trading company. He joined DeepX in 2017, hoping to lend his efforts to the realization of machine automation in areas where this has never been accomplished before. He is primarily engaged in research and analysis concerning the use of temporal data, improving the accuracy of Deep Learning, and developing communication programs for integration with hardware.


During my time at the general trading company I found it very stimulating being able to work with skilled colleagues and tackle large-scale projects with foreign customers, but a desire to leave my mark on the world had also gradually intensified. To be honest, it took some courage to leave the comfort and security of such an environment and plunge into the relatively uncharted field of machine automation with a fledgling venture company. In the end, I decided to take a step into the unknown, embracing the personal mantra that “players who make an impact are those who can stride forward, believing in themselves, without succumbing to the fear of risk”, which is something I learnt while playing American football during my school years. Our work here at DeepX presents a constant barrage of challenges that can seem overwhelming sometimes, but I remain committed to throwing myself against these challenges, so that someday I will be able to stand with confidence knowing that my decision was the right one.

My time at DeepX has impressed upon me the importance of using cutting-edge technology in an attempt to meet pressing challenges and achieve great things. However, I believe it is just as vital and worthwhile to keep our feet planted firmly in the more commonplace aspects of our work, such as the ability to maintain an appreciation of the specific situation at each worksite and our reasons for being there, to disassemble a set of issues and tackle each one using traditional human ingenuity, and to apply just as much effort to ensuring a high standard in our routine activities as we do when advancing our technical developments.

My personal challenge is to hold on to these convictions and strive to master the human element, while also contributing to the greater goal of automating machinery.




  • Improving tactics
  • Hassle-free on-pre-server operations
  • Brain upgrades


  • I work out in order to maintain good health, increase my metabolism, and gain confidence in supporting my family. I’m holding out for the office to relocate somewhere with an onsite gym, as I have less and less opportunity to work out these days.

  • I played American football for 4-to-5 years, until a torn anterior cruciate ligament and reconstructive surgery forced me to retire from the team. It can be frustrating to watch other people play, so I tend not to follow the sport so closely anymore.

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