Takayuki Yoshimura

  • Manager

Takayuki Yoshimura

Majoring in materials physics, Takayuki graduated from the Department of Physical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering at Kyoto University. Subsequently, he proceeded to the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics within the Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, where he studied plasma combustion simulation. He joined DeepX in 2019 from the desire to solve social problems using advanced technology, where he is engaged in the development of image processing.


Today, artificial intelligence technology is applied in various academic and industrial fields. The field of combustion computer simulation, which I studied as a graduate student, is no exception. Hearing stories about artificial intelligence applications from friends in various areas of expertise, I became interested in artificial intelligence technology due to the impressive range of the applications and the sheer scope of the potential for innovation. At the same time, I also held some vague apprehensions, wondering if humanity would truly feel liberated once the traditional spheres of human activity, and indeed human beings themselves, were reduced to a vast storehouse of numerical data and thereby “optimized”?

That was when I encountered DeepX, learning of their travels to the kinds of worksites already facing the crippling social problem of increasing labor shortages, and the way they press forward, steadily and persistently through trial and error in the effort to reach solutions. This approach seemed to me to be opposite of the typical attitude toward the largely abstract field of artificial intelligence – stressing a hands-on approach to practical applications and dealing with the everyday people that stand on the front line of these social issues in a down-to-earth fashion.

Leaping into this world from the traditional and relatively staid field of research dedicated to combustion, I am constantly amazed and excited by the pace of development within the field of artificial intelligence. I relish the chance to hone my skills on such advanced technology as part of this company, and the opportunities this will provide in delivering the benefits to society in a way that contributes directly to everyday lives.



  • Developing of image processing-related technology
  • Applying Deep Generation Modelling to real-world social problems
  • Mechanical design


  • I have an unparalleled adoration for cats, to the extent that I deliver a full account of what I did and all that happened to my cat when I return home each day.

  • I’m a big fan of the board game Settlers of Catan, frequently hosting gatherings of like-minded people to play with at my share-house. We’re always looking for new players!

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