• Engineer

Shuya Isobe

After graduating from the Department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Knowledge Engineering at Tokyo City University, Shuya completed a subsequent master’s degree in Information Engineering. During his time at graduate school he focused primarily on image recognition via Deep Learning. He joined DeepX in 2019, from a desire to contribute to the realization of its goal of “automating any machinery through the implementation of artificial intelligence technology”. He is primarily engaged in development, with the aim of improving performance via Deep Learning.


During my research activities, involving image recognition and Deep Learning, I began to appreciate the great potential that artificial intelligence possesses and resolved to pursue a job that would have a real impact on society through the use of such technology. That’s why I was immediately attracted to DeepX’s goal of “automating any machinery with artificial intelligence and improving productivity in various industries”.

Every member of this organization is ambitious in their pursuit of excellence, making it a wonderful environment in which to aspire to achieve this goal. To be honest, some people voiced opposition to my entering a venture company as a new graduate, but I decided to do so regardless, from an ardent desire to work toward my dreams. We only get one chance at life, after all.

Although I still lack the knowledge and technical skills needed to see these things fully realized, I would like to contribute to the development of industry here in Japan through my steady efforts.




  • Advanced AI technology (especially image recognition)
  • Know-how in introducing AI technology to worksites
  • Simplicity and efficiency in achieving outcomes


  • I have played football (soccer) for 12 years, and enjoy both playing and watching the sport. A personal ambition of mine is to one day form a “DeepX FC” with like-minded team members.

  • I was a member of the university cycling club and still often go for extended rides during days off.

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