• CFO

Shuji Nariai

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Nagoya University, Shuji undertook and acquired accreditation as a Certified Public Accountant. Thereafter, he joined a major auditing firm and was engaged in accounting audits, SOX-compliant operations, and financial due diligence operations as part of the International Finance Group. After moving on from the firm, he contributed to launching an online life insurance company and successfully delivered an IPO. Thereafter, he had engaged in a wide variety of operations such as accounting, finance, and system and management planning in the capacity of Executive Officer. He joined DeepX in 2019, after feeling a sense of empathy for both the passion of its members and the way its mission embraced a social cause.


DeepX is one of the front-running companies actively pursuing a technical challenge that has long remained unaddressed around the world, that is to “automate any machinery”. Through achieving the widespread automation of machines we hope to solve the major social problems of a contracting workforce, owing to a combination of declining birth rates and an aging population, and further aid in securing the commercial and industrial future of Japan.

The engineers here are a truly professional group of individuals, all with an overriding passion for accomplishing their mission, a level of skill corresponding to their passions, and the willingness to apply themselves with persistence and determination.

I will continue to support the team diligently as a member of the back-office division, in order to see the DeepX mission realized.



  • Refining and implementing measures designed to enhance corporate value
  • Building a robust and assertive corporate division from the ground up
  • Anything and everything that needs to be done in order for DeepX to succeed, aside from front-line AI development


  • I do muscle training, focusing on the upper body. In everyday life it can be difficult to maintain a sense of personal growth, but muscle training allows you to quantitatively measure things such as weight and repetitions, so that when I update my record I can appreciate my progress day by day, even when the improvement is only incremental. The sense that I am constantly advancing has a positive impact on my mindset, especially as I get older, and reassures me that I can continue to meet any challenges in general life.

  • My daughter plays soccer in elementary school and I help run the team as a coach on weekends. I enjoy playing football with youngsters, trying to instill them with a sense of “the difference between simply delivering messages versus ensuring that messages are understood”, “what should be taught through instruction versus what should be left to the individual to discover on their own”, and “what can be learnt through losing in the game”.

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