• Engineer

Ryosuke Nasuno

Ryosuke graduated from the Department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Knowledge Engineering at Tokyo City University. Continuing his studies at the graduate school, his focus is on speech signal processing via Deep Learning. He decided to join DeepX after empathizing with its vision of “aiming to solve the societal problems of a shrinking workforce in Japan by means of automating any machinery”. Within this elite group, he strives to contribute all that he can in order to solve these problems, and is engaged in development via Deep Learning.


Naturally, I have always looked up to my elder brother – DeepX founder and CEO, Kaoru Nasuno – and sought to follow in his footsteps, though I would not regard myself as having his natural acumen and genius in learning. Indeed, the entire organization is made up of similarly brilliant minds, which many people would likely find intimidating. I think that all hinges on the perspective you choose to take though.

Personally, I have found that there are many things I can contribute to the organization in our shared ambition to tackle some big challenges. Having brilliance in a technical field certainly results in being able to input certain skills that others do not possess, but there are other, equally valuable means to earn your place at the discussion table. Being in such an environment is itself an opportunity to learn and improve your own skillset, so I look forward to any potential for collaboration.




  • Social Implementation of Deep Learning technology
  • Robotics Control
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights


  • I played basketball for a decade, spanning most my student life, during which time I acted as captain through three consecutive teams at junior high, high school, and university levels. These experiences taught me that the single most important thing during a game was the power of an indomitable will.

  • Like others in the company, I also enjoy bouldering. I think it’s one of the few sports where the level of difficulty rests entirely with you, meaning that the challenge only stops when you do. There is an unparalleled sense of accomplishment whenever you surpass yourself and reach that next level.

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