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Ran Kavanagh

After graduating from Osaka University of Foreign Studies. I worked in project management in the field of International Development Assistance in Mongolia and Sri Lanka. I then pursued a Master’s degree in International Development at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Afterwards I returned to Japan and worked on an international collaborative research project at a national university. I joined DeepX in 2020, due to having both empathy and passion for the company’s core mission to solve crucial social issues.


“Automating Any Machine and Innovating Global Industries”, DeepX’s mission statement to me feels both admirable and ambitious. I joined DeepX because I sympathized strongly with the CEO Nasuno’s strong passion to “solve social issues and realize a better society using AI technologies”, which lies at the heart of the challenging mission guiding the company. In my twenties and early thirties, I was passionate about contributing to society overseas through development assistance projects, and now I am happy to be able to engage in work that will help to solve issues in my home country while raising my kids in Tokyo. I feel it is beautiful to see many young and talented engineers with great aspirations striving to make truly innovative technological advancements, which can eventually lead to a better society. I want to do my best to support the motivated team at DeepX and help with passing on the baton of progress to the next generation.



  • Creating a healthy and productive work environment where the CEO and engineers can focus on their crucial tasks
  • Enhancing the internal communication within the company
  • Understanding the implementation process of Deep Learning


  • Playing with my two very curious sons in outdoor nature gives me a lot of energy. Perhaps due to the influence of his mother, who used to catch insects all the time when she was a child, my oldest son has also become an insect-loving boy. On sunny days, we spend time together catching insects in nature, recording the insects we observe in a worldwide online database, with the dream of maybe discovering some new species!

  • I studied Mongolian as an undergraduate, and spent most of my twenties working in Mongolia. I used to ride a horse around the steppes during every weekend. Sometimes thinking about my memories of galloping across the plains, while looking out over the endless horizon, reminds me of the connection between me and the vast nature of this world.

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