• Back Office

Nobuko Kiyota

Nobuko graduated from Seikei University in the Faculty of Literature. After working for a major real estate company, he joined DeepX in 2018, where he is engaged in a wide range of back-office tasks, including human resources and labor, accounting, and general affairs.


DeepX has an avowed mission to “automate any machinery” and strives to solve the pressing social problems we face by pursuing that goal. This is something I empathized with immediately, and so joined the company as a member of the back office division with a desire to contribute by creating a structured environment wherein our engineers can concentrate on their work and maximize their performance.

My role entails identifying potential issues within the company, regardless of scale, reflecting on the optimal solutions in order to deal with them, and devising new mechanisms in order to eliminate the threat. Every day I commit to this struggle with a sense of satisfaction and responsibility in helping to build the foundations for this company.

Bettering myself and furthering my skillset in facilitating the work of my technical colleagues remains my enduring motivation.



  • Fostering an environment in which employees can concentrate on their work
  • Maximizing the total man hours by improving efficiency in routine operations
  • Organizing, maintaining, and improving the overall office environment


  • I enjoy traveling, both domestically and internationally, particularly to wilderness areas or those rich in nature, where I can reinvigorate myself.

  • Every day I prepare an original concoction made up of herbal tea blended with regular tea leaves, which I adjust according to the physical conditions and mood of the day. My DeepX branded mug and tumbler certainly come in handy for this!

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