• Manager

Masanori Goto

Masanori graduated from Kyoto University in the Faculty of Engineering, before being engaged in the development of recognition technology – focusing on character recognition and video analysis – at a machine manufacturing company. During that time, he also pursued a PhD from the Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering at Kyushu University, which he received in 2017. He has been involved in a wide range of tasks, from algorithm development to library creation, system construction, and management. He joined DeepX in 2019 in order to assist in realizing its singular vision.


With the advent of Deep Learning, the use of cognitive technology by way of artificial intelligence is beginning to permeate our daily lives. Even so, from a technical standpoint, we are still in the early developmental stage and there are many issues that need to be solved in order to convert “what we want to do” into “what we can do”. My mission is to provide systems that will allow people and machines to fully collaborate, by implementing state-of-the-art recognition technologies that are informed by and tailored to the experiences of the end-user

Labor-reducing and autonomous machinery is one of the vital elements in solving the demographic problems of a declining birth rate and aging population here in Japan. Although we rarely sense the pressures of our shrinking labor force in an immediate way during the course of our daily lives, the overwhelming need for such technology has already surfaced, and it will depend upon the ingenuity of our generation as to whether the Japanese manufacturing sector can survive and be passed on to the next generation or not.

Truly brilliant engineers work together, indulging in a sense of rivalry only insofar as it spurs them on to solve problems as members of a team. DeepX provides just that kind of working environment – a fusion of pioneering and camaraderie the likes of which many engineers can only dream. Join us in the business of turning dreams into reality.



  • Social implementation of image recognition technology
  • Edge computing
  • Project management of artificial intelligence systems


  • Watching my son and daughter grow and mature, witnessing their smiles, is an inexhaustible source of energy for me. Whenever I see their progress, I find myself thinking “Human beings are amazing!” and I aspire to continuing growing as a person, just as they do.

  • I have participated in the yearly autumn festivals in my local area since I was a child. While it can be hard to maintain such traditions in our modern lives, I think they teach us the importance of working together for the common good.

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