• Engineer

Kohei Nishimura

Kohei graduated from the Department of Systems Creation in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, where he was based in a laboratory focusing on financial engineering. He joined DeepX as their first part time worker while still a student and has been engaged in several projects since then. After graduating from university he joined the company as a full-time employee in 2018, wishing to commit himself fully to the organization and witness DeepX solve social issues first-hand. He is primarily responsible for project development and server management.


DeepX aims to “automate any machinery” in order to create a more affluent society. While easy to convey as a mission statement, the level of versatility and complexity required in order to realize this vision is what makes a straightforward “silver bullet” solution impossible. Only through the constant synthesis of knowledge and technology with aspiration and persistent effort can we apply ourselves to each of the unique challenges we face and accomplish this goal.

While the challenge might seem daunting, DeepX is an organization with the diversity in skills and backgrounds necessary to rise to the occasion and reach solutions through resolute effort. Please join us in this endeavor.




  • Designing and developing the various hardware configurations required for each field
  • Software development of the overall system, combining state recognition and control
  • Developing and managing efficiency in computer environments


  • I took up road cycling in my undergraduate days and have continued to enjoy it since then. There is a great sense of satisfaction in completing a long hill climb and being able to look down on everything you conquered along the long road to the pinnacle.

  • I have played tennis since junior high, and while I don't practice often enough to participate in tournaments these days, I still enjoy regular friendly matches with my former schoolmates.

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