Kentaroh Awata

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Kentaroh Awata

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After graduating from National Institute of Technology at Takamatsu College, Kentaroh proceeded to study IT and Marketing as an undergraduate at the University of Queensland and a graduate degree at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. After graduating he was engaged in launching a new business at a local web-related company, before starting his own business in Australia supporting small-to-mid-sized Japanese companies who wished to expand their operations into the local domestic market. He relocated to Tokyo in late 2016, where he engaged in supporting technical start-ups through recruitment and consulting activities, before identifying with the spirit and drive of DeepX, which lead him to join the company in 2018. He is primarily in charge of organizational development activities.


Maintain clarity of vision. Challenge yourself to excel. Apply yourself to the utmost.

These are the mantras we embrace here at DeepX – a group of engineers and professionals who confront the difficulties of innovation head-on. Through constant, incremental progress, we are solving issues that very few teams could attempt and still less have actually achieved.

Not least of the things I can promise is that DeepX consists of a truly brilliant team. This is a cliché, perhaps, but in this case, it really is true. We are young and perhaps relatively lacking in life experience, but we have sufficient wisdom to realize that we are not perfect and that the road to success lies in making mistakes and sharing the insights these provide us with, together as a team.

The day of my first encounter with DeepX will be forever etched in my memory, and I realized immediately that this was the place for me. The more I learnt about the company, its people, and its ambitions, the more a realized just how unique this workplace is. There are so many things that are simply not possible in any other setting, and this realization has only grown over time. An ambitious goal, brilliant team members, clarity in vision, and inspiring leadership – I could not ask for more.

Always happy to talk over a cup of coffee or a glass or two of beer or sake, so please get in touch.



  • Organizational Development
  • Team Building
  • Strategically Taking an Effective Rest


  • Like others in the company, I enjoy bouldering and hit the wall two or three times a week after work. The learning curve can be steep (it’s vertical, actually), but the sense of satisfaction as you improve is palpable.

  • I am a dog person. I used to live with this adorable boy.

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