Hiroki Mizuoka

  • Engineer

Hiroki Mizuoka

Hiroki graduated from the Department of Information Engineering at the Toyama National College of Maritime Technology (now the National Institute of Technology, Toyama College), during which time he also participated in the Technical College Robot Contest. He joined an automated machine manufacturer with operations relating to electrical components while remaining in his hometown of Toyama, where he was in charge of both mechanical and electrical design. He subsequently joined DeepX in 2019.


Today, more and more companies are switching from human workers to machines as a measure intended to both address the labor shortage and to increase efficiency. One of the reasons I opted for an automated machine manufacturer as my first position is that I considered the prospects for the future. However, only after entering the industry did I realize that there are still many areas in which we have to rely on craftsmanship, even considering the accuracy, speed, and cost. Only with the inception and development of the artificial intelligence field can some of this craftsmanship now be substituted with the work of machines. I became interested in this potential once I could see the limits of human capability. That is the reason I was initially attracted to DeepX, with its aspiration to automate any machinery by expanding the ability of artificial intelligence.



  • Machine Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Implementation of artificial intelligence technology to automated machinery
  • Image processing technology


  • I often visit museums and art galleries during my days off. In terms of genre, I prefer artwork from the 20th century through to the present day.

  • I enjoy traditional board and card games, and tabletop RPGs. With many of these now offered via online versions, this has become a much more convenient pastime.

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