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Hidenori Mikami

  • Food Processing

Hidenori pursued studies in plasma fusion, through both numerical analysis and experiments, within the Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio University, and further through the Graduate School program at the University of Tokyo. After completing his master’s degree, he joined a general electronics manufacturer, where he was in charge of projects concerned with the decontamination of damaged nuclear power plants and decommissioning of nuclear reactors, in his position as Project Leader within the nuclear department. Following that, he was engaged in the mechanical design and reliability design of remote robots used in fusion reactors. Eager for a change of pace, he moved on to a promising AI venture originating from the university, where he was engaged in the development of robotics control and analysis of image, video, and time series data, as well as project management concerning an AI-OCR engine system designed for financial institutions. He joined DeepX in 2019 after identifying strongly with its ambition to “”automate any machinery”.


Safeguarding the next generation, and the generation after next.

As of now, we humans are still restricted to a single lifespan, and so the question is inevitably raised: what should I dedicate my limited time toward? In my case, I want to spend my time charting out an ideal future for the next generation to enjoy. I believe this ideal future is not something that we can passively anticipate however, but rather something that we must actively pursue, and an aspects of this involves liberating humanity – in order to take on new challenges – by delegating the tasks that currently demand so much of our limited time to machines and AI.




  • Building feedback algorithms for motion planning, as part of visual recognition
  • Improving Reinforcement Learning


  • I have been part of a choir since I was a student. Belting out a tune is a great way to release stress, and I enjoy the intellectual aspect of being exposed to lyrics not only in Japanese and English, but a wide variety of other languages, including German, Italian, Magyar, and Latin.

  • Recently, I've developed a fixation with pan-fried dumplings (gyoza). While I certainly enjoy visiting restaurants and trying unusual forms, such as the massive “banana dumplings” at Tenryu in Ginza, I also like to prepare them for myself at home.

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