• Manager

Akito Mori

  • Food Processing

After graduating with a master’s degree from the University of Tokyo, Akito joined a major systems integration firm, where he worked for six years as a data analyst in the new business development division, and project manager for system construction utilizing AI technology. He joined DeepX in 2018 from a desire to branch out into new fields, embracing their pioneering efforts to advance automatic machine control. He holds extensive responsibilities at DeepX, all utilizing past experience in business development, project promotion, and program implementation.


One of the defining elements of human nature is the imperative to embark into the unknown. From the first use of fire and the invention of language and agriculture, through to the industrial age and the current era of the internet, humanity has evolved at a rate that is biologically impossible by using and innovating tools and technology. I am convinced that artificial intelligence technology is the next phase in this ongoing trajectory – a phase that stands poised to dramatically restructure our current industrial models and that will ultimately form the core of all industry in the future. DeepX embodies this aspect of human nature in its mission to “automate any machinery”.

For centuries, popular fiction from all corners of the world have depicted visions of future societies in which machines equipped with artificial intelligence serve to aid people. I think that such a future, which until now we could only imagine as a form of utopia, is within reach during our lifetime. There are still many issues that need to be addressed in order to apply artificial intelligence technology to practical use, and further challenges that require overcoming. I will be immensely satisfied if my abilities can be of use in realizing what has long been a dream for the common good of humanity.




  • Methods of implementing AI technology to factories and work sites, and large-scale design (social implementation) (hardware, software, business operations)
  • Commercializing and patenting proprietary technologies
  • Disseminating information via new academic papers
  • Motivating team members in striving for technical excellence


  • I’m something of a tea aficionado, encompassing not only the drink itself but also the associated tea ware. My pantry is stocked with dozens of different varieties of tea leaves at any one time.

  • I have an expansive interest in gizmos, gadgets, and technologies of all kinds, especially those that are on the cutting edge of current and near-future development.

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