Masafumi Takahashi

  • Researcher

Masafumi Takahashi

I got a master’s degree in Graduate School of System Information Science, Future University Hakodate. In graduate school, I research on artificial life simulations using generation of reward functions. In 2018, I gave a lecture at Keio University on generalization of deep reinforcement learning. In 2020, I joined DeepX.


When you hear that any machine will be automate by artificial intelligence, some people might be afraid of losing their jobs. But what if any machine will be automate so that productivity would increase dramatically and more people would be able to spend more free time? Some people may be able to immerse themselves more in their favorite hobbies, while others may be able to spend more time with their loved ones. I would be happy to contribute to the realization of such a wonderful future, even in a small way.



  • Generalization of Artificial Intelligence
  • Development of safer reinforcement learning techniques
  • More efficient structuring and sharing of knowledge


  • I bought an electronic piano when I was a university student, and I've been playing it a lot as a hobby ever since.
    Playing the piano calms me down even when I'm tired or sad, and I enjoy playing my favorite songs so much that I want to play them forever.

  • I like to eat delicious foods. Since I arrived in Tokyo, I found a very good beef tongue restaurant called Negishi. It's really great so please go there if you like.

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