Yoshibumi Asano

  • Engineer

Yoshibumi Asano

After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering, Yamanashi University, he joined a long-established manufacturer of precision equipment and electronic components. He has long been involved in the automation of watches and electronic equipment parts based on production technology development & equipment mechanical design.
After that, he was in charge of FA business and development department at SIer, which is in charge of automobile parts manufacturing.
He collaborates with clients while experiencing the evolution of FA technology and changes in manufacturing for a total of over 30 years.
Joined DeepX in 2021 in sympathy with the founding philosophy full of venture spirits.


At the beginning of the 21st century, I often heard the word “lost decade”. It is a word that indicates 10 years without economic growth after the burst of the bubble, but it has reached 20 years and 30 years before I knew it. It is no longer realistic to try to reproduce the successful experiences of the Showa heroes, and it may be just a gerontocracy for the value creators of the new era.
I have watched the start-up and operation of several FA devices. I have been wondering how to make the ideal manufacturing process (manufacturing process / machine) for this process if there is a god of manufacturing each time. There is room for improvement, in other words, there are only machines that have room for growth, and it is difficult to produce a famous machine. There can be no clear answer to the ideal, but I think it is a timeless and eternal theme that is always being asked by those who aim to build optimal equipment.
In 2021, I was welcomed by DeepX. Aspiring young people with an automated spirit gather under CEO Nasuno, and you can feel the enthusiasm for FA and the romance of engineers who challenge unexplored fields at the same time. I look for answers to eternal themes with a view to vibrant young people and the next generation. It would be great if we could support young engineers as industry veterans with the maximization of creative value in mind. Through this work that I can talk to people with all my heart, I would like to make a stone for solving social problems with the future as “10 years of creation”.



  • Visualization and solution of essential manufacturing issues that clients are not aware of
  • Open platform "FA Digital Data Bank Concept" that anyone can become a high-class SIer

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