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Masakazu Sugimoto

After graduating from the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, the University of Tokyo, and completing the master’s course in the Department of Applied Biotechnology at the same graduate school, I worked for a major food company for more than 33 years. For the first 11 years, as a biotech-researcher, and for the next 22 years to connect technology and law, intellectual property such as patent rights, regulatory such as industrial use of new technology and new product quality assurance, technology license, dispute resolution etc. I joined DeepX in 2021. I graduated the legal profession course at the Graduate School of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba (J.D.).


Deep learning is new not only as a technology, but also poses a lot of new difficult issues from legal point of view, for example, patenting and/or licensing, because of its novelty, unlike conventional software.
I have thought that this is a place where I can put everything I have cultivated inside me over the years, but I am reminding myself of the newness, depth, and speed of change in this world. I would like to put even more effort into protecting our technology and contributing to profits.



  • Intellectual property
  • Contract
  • Regulatory
  • Dispute resolution
  • All other legal issues related to the technology and the company


  • I do riding (driving) and fixing (maintaining) things to ride. It started with a moped and the period of automobiles was long, but recently I am becoming interested in bicycles.

  • I am doing physical training at home. Small that is far from improving strength, but I have continued for many years with the idea that physical condition is indispensable for sound mental and skill as the Japanese old saying "mental, skill and body".

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